About Me & This Blog

About MeKelly UST

Professionally: I am an adjunct professor of Theology at the University of St. Thomas, where I teach a wide range of courses on both the Old and New Testament. My interests range from lament literature to Jewish-Christian relations and the historical-critical method to contextual readings of the Bible.

Personally: In my former life I was a 3rd grade teacher, but that was too difficult so I learned the biblical languages, wrote a dissertation, and earned my Ph.D.–all of which was cake compared to teaching elementary school (please read: thank an elementary school teacher).


About This Blog

I have found myself fielding questions via text or email from friends and/or family members who wanted to start reading the Bible or who were involved in conversations with people on the Bible. They felt that they didn’t know where to begin or how to respond to people’s claims. I am getting more and more messages from people who are interested in learning more about the Bible so that they have some sort of framework in which to understand claims that people are making. And those claims about the Bible never end. Whether it is a debate over creationism vs. evolution, the “biblical view” of marriage, or anything else, the phrase “The Bible says…” often serves as a trump card, leaving silent those who feel like they don’t know enough about the Bible to respond.

Most of my posts will provide the historical context and history of interpretation of biblical passages. Essentially, I plan on bringing some of the content from my undergraduate classroom to this blog so that those of you who are interested in learning more about the Bible have access to this material. Other posts will focus on interreligious dialogue and the importance of understanding other faith traditions. Actually, I guess I am going to write on whatever I feel like writing about.

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